Wittenberg Mountain, Catskill Mountains -- 5th April 2009
Wittenberg Mountain, Catskill Mountains -- 5th April 2009

Looking back towards our starting
point at Woodland Campground
Carolyn forages for a tasty twig or something in the woods
The first of the hardcore frolicking
Clockwise from left: Andrew, Will, Beth & Carolyn
Beth does her best innocent-with-a-halo look
A Carolyn-Catskills Vista
Slim Pickens, anyone?
I'm not sure if she's climbing it or fighting it
How many engineers does it take...
Some more off-trail frolicking
The last mile and a half got fairly steep...
...and icy
Finally, Wittenberg Mountain, after the
strangely longest 3.5mi hike ever
Pretending that we like eachother
The camera didn't come back out until after
we'd climbed/slid/fell back down the ice
Carolyn confirms that we did not, in fact,
"lose" anyone in the woods
One last frolicking foray
Don't ask.

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